Blogmas Day 7: How I Read Book Tag

Another day, another book tag.
Apparently, the creator of this tag has been lost over time, which sucks because I’d like to give him/her the credit… If you know who created it, let me know so I can update this post.

Let go!

1. How do you find out about new books to read?

Booktube. I follow people who have a very similar taste in books as me so I’m rarely disappointed.
Other than that, I look up bestseller lists (The NY Times one is a good benchmark) or I walk into a bookshop and have people recommend books to me there.
When I was younger, I would walk into the library and read blurbs until I found something that looked interesting. Maybe I should start doing that again. I like reading books that not a lot of people have heard about so that I can start the recommendation process ;).

2. How did you get into reading?

I don’t really know. Nobody in my family reads as much as I do. I just loved stories. I liked watching Disney Movies and we had a Disney book series that we were subscribed to, so every month we would get a new book based on one of the famous Disney stories.
When I was 11, Harry Potter came out and that was the point where I discovered the magical world of the library. I read and read and read. There were so many great Dutch middle grade books, but I have forgotten about most of them. It’s a shame really. I wish I was smart enough to have kept a list.

3. How has your taste in books changed as you’ve gotten older?

Not that much actually. I enjoyed fantasy and magic when I was younger, along with historical stories. Now, I just read the grown-up versions.

4. How often do you buy books?

When I have the money. I have found myself a great second-hand store that sells a lot of English books for one or two euros, which makes it manageable. I put a great deal of thought into the books I buy, most of the time they are books of which I’m 100% sure that I’ll like them enough to put them on my bookshelf.

5. How did you get into Booktubing/Blogging?

I do book tube but not regularly. I find it easier to write down the words than to say them in front of a camera. I started blogging about books because I like to talk about what I read and since no one in my family cares about the books I love, I decided to share my thoughts with strangers.
When I worked at the bookshop, I could talk to strangers in real life but since I don’t work there anymore, I resort to the internet.

6. How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?

Well, it happened recently because I didn’t like the ending of The Raven Boys. I guess it makes it easier to pick up the next book because most of the time it’s the endings that make me cry or make me ‘book’hungover. So if I don’t like the ending, I say it like it is. And then I go and find someone to complain about it, most of the time that’s either on Twitter or here.

7. How often do you take a “sneak peak” at the end of a book to see if there is a happy ending?

NEVER!!!! Blasphemy!!!

8. Who are you going to tag?

Whoever wants to answer the questions. If you haven’t done the Tag, feel free to do it now.




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