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Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman ****

Mind the gap!!


I can’t believe I never published this review!! I mean it’s been months since I read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. It had been sitting on my bookshelf for.. a year? I’m not sure. I just forgot it was there. When I first bought it, I immediately started reading it but it just wasn’t working for me. I gave up after fifteen pages.

And then, out of the blue, Lindsey Rey posted a video on YouTube about her favourite Neil Gaiman books. She was so positive about Neverwhere that I couldn’t help but give it another try. And I’m really happy that I did.

Neverwhere’s main character is Richard. He’s got the most normal of normal lives. He’s got a job, an apartment, a fiance and then one day, he comes across a girl who’s badly injured. He decides to help her and that’s when his normal life ends. In his new life, he no longer belongs in London, he has become a ghost to everyone he knew before. He travels through London-Below, a place where all the people who fell through the cracks live, where pockets of historic London still exist, a dangerous and scary place. There he will try to find answers and a way back to ‘normal’.

The characters is this book are a-ma-zing. I’m serious!! It’s been a while since I read a book with so much detail that didn’t put me to sleep. Some writers just over-do it, the amount of detail becomes too much to handle. Not Neil Gaiman. The events, the characters, it’s all in perfect balance. The chapters are short which makes it easier to keep reading. “Just one more chapter, then I’ll go to bed” *five chapters later* “Just one more, I swear”

The only reason that I didn’t give this book five stars, is because the climax was a bit too easy for me. You’ve been reading towards this point for quite a while and then it’s over in no time at all.
But that’s it, everything else I absolutely loved. It’s a very atmospheric book, creepy but it won’t give you nightmares.

It’s just really, really good…
I’m glad I ended up reading it anyway. Thank you, Lindsey!!

(Also, I found out that some really famous actors did a radio play for this book and now I really want to hear it but I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas where I can listen to it? This is the wiki-page with the cast and information..)



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