The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

“Don’t you think it’s better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, than to be just okay for your whole life?”

time traveler's wife

I can’t remember when I read this book, but it was summer. I think it must have been two years ago. The other this I remember clearly is that it made me cry, several times.

Clare and Henry met when Clare was six and Henry thirty-six. They marry when Clare is twenty-three and Henry thirty-one. Impossible, you say? Think again. Henry has a rare condition which makes him time-travel. That sounds great but once again, you’re wrong. He can’t decide where he goes and he never knows when he’ll leave or come back.

As you can imagine, it’s a bit complicated, but you just have to go with it. Clare has known Henry her entire life but when she meets his twenty-something old self, he has never seen her before. That’s because he meets six-year-old Clare when he’s thirty-six. Do you understand? No? Don’t worry.. maybe I’m just explaining it wrong. It’s easier if you’re reading the book.

Like I said, this book made me cry. Their relationship is an uncommon but beautiful one. Because it’s so complicated, it’s never actually easy, they have to work for it every single day. When they eventually marry, there are weeks when Henry just disappears and Clare can’t do anything but wait for him to show up again.

If you like book that give you “all the feels” (that what the youngsters call it nowadays, right? sometimes I feel so old..) Then you will definitely love this. I have recommended this book to so many different people and never have I heard a bad word about it.

Let me know if you read it.. and more importantly what your thoughts are.




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