Lord of the flies – William Golding *****

Author: William golding, Teen fiction, I really recommend that the reader is   14 yrs or older. Compared to The catcher in the Rye.  It is a brutal portrait of human nature and critically acclaimed.

Did you know that William Golding first studied Science at Oxford and then rebelled and started studying English Literature?
Me neither, it makes me love him even more 🙂

This story is amazing. If it wasn’t put under the Classics category, I would definitely put it under Thrillers.
It creeped me out!

A group of boys crashes on an island. The were being evacuated because of the next world war. At first they get along, there are rules and everyone has a task but then their little society starts to fall apart. The group is split into two and things start to change.
The changes are very subtle at first but as time goes by and different opinions start to arise, the changes become very obvious.
Things go very wrong.

The end I found very ironic, if you read it you’ll understand why, but up until the last page I was on the edge of my seat.
I do wonder what happened afterwards though, I can’t believe that those boys integrated right back into modern day society. Too much has happened, too many things changed, too many lines were crossed. (Yes, I know it’s only fiction but it really makes me wonder..)

I don’t really know what else to say about this book.

I really liked the writing, I read it in three days (I went on a short trip to Cologne so it’s not like I read three days straight). It was really interesting to see the boys change and it gave me chills every now and then. Some things I saw coming, other things I didn’t.
Simon was one of the things I did not see coming at all, I loved the way Golding ended that chapter. It was almost poetic. Writing at its best!

This book deserves the title ‘Classic’ because I think it’s a book everyone should read.
Once you read it, it can never be unread 🙂 I’ll carry it with me through the year to come and I’m pretty sure I’ll think about it every now and then..

Go read it!



P.S. Isn’t that an amazing cover!!
P.S. 2 Picture from Pinterest

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