Before I go to sleep – SJ Watson ***

before i go to sleep

‘Before I go to sleep’ is a story about a woman called Christine.
Christine has a problem, every morning when she wakes up, she has lost her memory. Some days she will remember her childhood, some days she remembers her years at university but never anything beyond that. So every morning she wakes up in a room she doesn’t recognize, next to a man she doesn’t know. Every day he explains what happened to her, but what if he only shares part of the story?

I liked this book. The concept is great, it’s well-paced. The amount of information you get is always enough the leave you wanting to know more.
There are only three characters, which leaves you guessing (who’s the bad guy) until the very end.
Still.. I felt like there was something missing. I don’t know why but it didn’t suck me in. I did enjoy it!! But I’ve read better stories (Gone Girl is the same kind of thriller and that one really blew me away).
I always want to figure out the plot twist before it actually happens, so throughout the whole book I was trying to figure out what really happened.
I know that’s the idea with these kind of thrillers but for me it dominated the story so that I couldn’t really focus on what Christine was telling us, I was just looking for clues while I just wanted to get to know her a little better.

Also, there’s sexual content in this book, just thought I’d warn you. There isn’t a lot but it still sort of bothered me. I feel like it wasn’t really necessary for the story..

If you like thrillers, than maybe you will enjoy it more than I did. I’m not really a thriller/horror kind of girl 🙂 maybe that’s my problem?

Overall it’s a good read. If you’re looking for something fast to read over the summer, this might be it.



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