There is this truly awful word.
No, wait let me start over..
There are these truly awful words that are used to describe “being stuck whilst writing”.

    Writer’s block.

I hate those words, they sound so final. That’s it, you’re done, it’s over.
Me, I don’t suffer from writer’s block, I suffer from laziness.
I want to write a book (perferably bookS) but I can’t seem to start.
I’ve got stories in my head but never succeed in putting them on paper.
I wish there was some kind of app that could just download them out of my head and onto my Ipad.

And another thing, English isn’t my mothertongue. I live in Belgium and I speak Dutch.
I learned English when I was 12.
Through the years, I’ve had a lot of imaginary conversations with fictional characters from tv shows, actors, characters from books,…
Most of the shows or films I watch and nearly all of the books I read are in English.
When I watch a show or film, I never turn on the subtitles. When I watch tv, I wish I could turn them off.
They seem unable to get the translation right and yes I do actually notice when you leave out whole sentences!!
I read English books for the same reason.
(I’m not saying that all translations are bad but it’s been a while since I read a translated book where I wasn’t frustrated because they use words that don’t make sense and I didn’t feel like throwing the book out of the window)

Back to the imaginary conversations.
Because all of the shows and films and books are in English, all the characters speak English so I would have a conversation with them… In English.
I realise that this is strange.. And to be honest I never even thought about it until now..
But it was a good way of practising..
English was my favourite course at school and I went on studying the language to become a teacher, which never happened.
Right now, the only use I have for my knowledge of English is to give directions to the many tourists who seem to be lost in the city where I live.

As you may have noticed, I think a lot. I have a lot of ideas.
Maybe I should write a book.
Oh wait, that was the idea all along, wasn’t it?

Now here’s my real problem.
If I want to write a book, it should be in Dutch because I live in a country where they speak Dutch and that country is next to another country where they speak Dutch.


Most of my thought-proces happens in English and as you know by now, I hate translations…
In other words, I’m scre… uhm toast…

That’s why I started this blog.
I’m going to write until all the English is out of my system and then I will hopefully be able to write down my stories… In Dutch.
Genius, no?

Wish me luck.

Picture is borrowed from the Calvin and Hobbes series by Bill Watterson.

4 thoughts on “Intro”

  1. I can talk forever about translation issues. The worse I read was Game of Thrones in French. I could not finish the first page. It sounded like they had merely copied and past the Google Translator version. I cringe when I read subtitles, they take so many liberties. Brr!

      1. I often wonder if translators have had any tips or classes on how to translate. That’s very sad. I used to make subtitles for TV shows in a team, and we sometimes checked other’s work. Baaaaaaaaaaaah. I wouldn’t say we were the best, but we actually stuck to the script and our sentences made sense!

      2. It think you have to find a balance between literal translations and ‘being creative’. I sometimes wonder if the people translating shows on discovery channel (from English to Dutch) actually speak English. I have learned not to read the subtitles anymore 😉 it was too annoying..

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